Blue Ridge Jams – Hot Chow Chow

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Hot Chow Chow is made the old fashioned way using cabbage, sweet red pepper, onions and a load of tasty spices. In the south, and particularly in the mountains where they grow huge heads of crisp cabbage, chow-chow is a favorite relish to be eaten with a bowl of pinto beans. Unlike most condiments, Chow-Chow retains a chunky (chopped) texture and is not pureed. The taste can be sweet, tangy, hot or a combination thereof. It is typically served cold and like many foods, there are various varieties with an increasing availability of “hot” versions. This Hot Chow Chow is named as such because of its inclusion of crushed red pepper seeds, don’t let the hot fool you, this is a very mild heat chow chow.

Ingredients: Cabbage, Peppers, Onion, Vinegar, Sugar, Spice, Salt

Creative Uses:  

  • Relish: Chow Chow can be used in place of your traditional relishes to provide a sweet, hot, spicy twist.
  • Pinto Beans and Corn Bread: Just add your favorite Chow Chow to your Pinto Beans to add a crisp, flavorful addition.
  • Condiment: Add your favorite Chow Chow to your deviled eggs, omelets, hamburgers, hot dogs, Bratwurst, BBQ sandwiches, tuna, and stuffed tomatoes.
  • Salad Additions: Add a little Chow Chow to your Chicken Salad, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, or Egg Salad.
  • Side Dish or Dip: Simply place Chow Chow as a side dish to your favorite meals, or mix with cream cheese or sour cream for a fast dip with chips or pretzels

16 oz.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 5.25 in


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